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Lights, Camera, Just Real Action

August 21st 2019

Caught on camera, out of my comfort zone, it’s time to get just real...

Yesterday I filmed my crowdfunding pitch for Seedrs, feeling anxious, nervous, but excited!

Done this before, raising £57K this time two years ago with Crowdfunder UK to get us into the chillers. It happened - launching with Sainsbury's in 2018.

Then I pressed Pause: I needed the right people, an experienced team & partners to help me create and implement the plan to get them out of the chillers and into your fridges.

Yesterdays pitch felt different! I felt so much stronger, just real, because it wasn’t just me pitching, I had the team behind me, and they had me.

Order of appearance -

Sean McCurley, Brutal Advisor, Lucy Howe, Marketing MasterMind and Armando Marantes Pereira, Social Media Guru - all taking part... blessed

This time we’re crowdfunding for equity - we want YOU to be a part of it!

Launch September!

Big #news coming!

Huge thank you to all involved and Steven Mayatt

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