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Smokey Cokey

Mac 'n' Cheese

Mama, mac & cheese, yes please!!!

Serves 4 adults or 6 little people


  • Cook pasta according to pack instructions, drain and pour into oven dish
  • Meanwhile in a bowl add milk and butter
  • Microwave for 1m 30s (alternatively heat on the hob)
  • Remove and stir then add flour
  • Microwave for a further 1m 30s until sauce thickens, whisk with a fork to remove lumps
  • Add ½ of the grated cheese to white sauce
  • Pour over cooked pasta
  • Pour over Smokey Cokey Sauce and mix
  • Sprinkle over the rest of the grated cheese and top with sliced tomato
  • Place in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes until the cheese turns golden brown


  • 1 bottle Smokey Cokey Saucy Affair
  • 250g penne/macaroni/ribbon pasta
  • ½ pint semi skimmed milk
  • 25-35g butter
  • 4 tbsp flour
  • 150-200g grated cheese
  • sliced tomato & basil for garnish (optional)


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