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Homemade cooking is sooo much healthier


Most processed foods are full of artificial ingredients, excess salt and sugar. The nutritional value that exists is largely cooked away in the pasteurisation process, which is done to extend the product's shelf life far beyond what fresh ingredients can sustain.

Our raw sauces are made from over 70% raw fruits and vegetables and aren’t pasteurised. As such, they retain their nutritional make up, delivering the optimum freshness, flavour and texture of raw ingredients. They are a delight to the senses and when cooked they fill the kitchen with the comforting and enticing aromas of home cooking.


Our sauces were created to help you make preparing quick healthy delicious meals easier, but we know that the buck doesn’t stop there if we want a healthy, happy body and mind.

At the Saucy Affair we know that a healthy lifestyle goes beyond the dining table, daily snacking and lunch box, exercise and lifestyle choices are part and parcel of taking care of ourselves and our families. However, our hectic lives, daily juggling and lack of time can force healthy living to take a back seat. We know that feeling all too, so we thought we'd share a few of our preferred affairs of fitness with for you and the family.

  • Skipping
  • Hula Hooping
  • Dancing
  • Trampolining
  • Oh and of course the occasional race!

Coming soon the Adults ONLY 15 minute Fittie Quickie

Clean Eating Illustration

Clean Eating + Healthy Living = Happy Souls

A Chilled Production

Our sauces are chilled for a truly fresh performance.
Suitable for home freezing.

Over 70% Raw Fresh Fruit and Veg Give a Bold, Fresh Flavour. Great Taste and Guilt Free

Tick Free from it all

NO added salt NO added sugar NO gluten, wheat or lactose NO added colour or preservatives Completely unpasteurised Made with over 70% fresh fruit & vegetables, plus other natural ingredients


Unlike any other sauce on the market, the Saucy Affairs have never seen heat before.

When I started my Saucy mission – keeping the Saucy Affairs ‘raw’ was at the forefront of my mind… After 2 years of seeking an alternative to pasteurisation and nasty preservatives, I came across High Pressure Pascalisation (HPP). The application of pressure (equivalent to 3 elephants standing on a grape) destroys microbiological mayhem, in turn extending the life of the sauce. Unlike heating, HPP means the nutritional integrity of the fresh raw ingredients is retained, delivering unique freshness in taste and texture.

Saucy secret: When you cook with Saucy Affairs it smells just like home cooking. No one needs to know you used a Saucy Affair to deliver a delectable culinary performance, just be sure to recycle the evidence!

Our Fabulous Features

Imagine effortlessly preparing nutritious and delicious meals made with fresh and raw ingredients – without the chopping, the peeling, the crushing or the waste.

What’s does that mean for you?
Nothing but flavour and free time.

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